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General information and news relating to facemasks & mi-Products

New, Improved V2 Mi Facemask, available very soon

We Have Listened, We Have Learned, We Have Improved.

Face masks are now part of our daily routine, whether in the workplace, shops, or the school run. Using a facemask properly not only protects you but others around you, and it is crucial now more than ever to use a suitable, comfortable, antibacterial, facemask when out and about.

We launched the V1 mi-facemask in June 2020. Our mission was to create a unique, reusable face mask, offering excellent protection and hygienic benefits that never faded. To this day, 'mi-facemask' is the only four-layer mask on the market, proven to reduce germs' growth with a natural technology that is 100% safe that doesn't fade no matter how many times you wash it.

It's just got better with our improved V2 FaceMask. Same 4-layer, protective mask, with design and build quality improvements we know you'll love.

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99.99% antibacterial & now also highly effective against viruses

SaniconcentrateTM, the Parx Materials technology, used in the mi-Products range, makes polymers resistant to bacteria, moulds and biofilm by making use of a trace element with the utmost biological importance.

The technology is inspired by nature, inspired by the way the defence mechanism of the human skin is protecting us against germs and viruses.

The trace element of Zinc is vital for a good functioning of our immune system, and by integrating this element in polymers, SaniconcentrateTMTM is able to create an antimicrobial performance of 99.9% and higher.

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Were donating part of our profits to help Chester Zoo

We wanted to help Chester zoo in difficult financial times. Therefore will adopt an animal on there £90 gold package with every 100 orders we take. We will then pick a name at random from that 100 orders and gift the adoption to that customer.

Were a small family run business in Warrington, Chesire, just 25 minutes drive away from Chester Zoo, where we have enjoyed some great days out with our 3 young children. Not only is Chester Zoo a great day out, seeing and learning about animals, we know that they do a lot for the conservation of these animals around the world too.

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Who should wear a face mask or face covering?

UK Government has now made it compulsory to wear face masks or face coverings on public transport, visiting a hospital and also advised facemasks when in enclosed spaces or social distancing isn't possible.

Our Mi-facemask is a perfect solution. Available in 3 colours & 3 sizes form £9.99. It is a 4-layer KN95 filtration mask, that is useable, washable and 99.99% antibacterial.

More information about compulsory face mask use can be seen here -

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