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New, Improved V2 Mi Facemask, available very soon

We Have Listened, We Have Learned, We Have Improved.

Face masks are now part of our daily routine, whether in the workplace, shops, or the school run. Using a facemask properly not only protects you but others around you, and it is crucial now more than ever to use a suitable, comfortable, antibacterial, facemask when out and about.

We launched the V1 mi-facemask in June 2020. Our mission was to create a unique, reusable face mask, offering excellent protection and hygienic benefits that never faded. To this day, 'mi-facemask' is the only four-layer mask on the market, proven to reduce germs' growth with a natural technology that is 100% safe that doesn't fade no matter how many times you wash it.

It's just got better with our improved V2 FaceMask. Same 4-layer, protective mask, with design and build quality improvements we know you'll love.

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Our Unique mi-Facemask is STILL

  • Reusable / Washable at 60*C
  • 4 Layers with KN95 Filter Material
  • 3 Different sizes, with adjustable ear loops
  • Hygienic Long Lasting Materials - Using Natural Anti-Bacterial Technology in the material to reduce the growth of germs. The safe, hygienic technology in our masks NEVER WEARS OUT - See full tech spec on our website.
  • ECO friendly - by Reducing single-use mask waste and helping the environment with recyclable resealable packaging

Here's how we have listened & Improved the new V2 Mi Facemask

  • Plastic Coated Metal Nose Clip - Stops the nose clip from breaking no matter how many times you fold it bend it twist it and still gives a great seal around the face
  • Nose Clip is Stitched Into the Masks so it will never move when washed
  • Stronger stitching around the ear loops
  • Improved 3D Shape with an even better seal around the face
  • New softer silicone toggles for adjusting the ear loops making it comfortable to wear for long periods
  • New large resealable bag, info card made from recycled paper & all packaging 100% recyclable
  • Option to Add Your Own Logo / Own Branded Masks*

Outstanding Customer Service - Our customers always come first, by shopping with us and putting your trust in us you are supporting our family business, and we cannot thank you enough for that. Any problem we face, whether it be delivery, delay, or fault we fixed it. And you can be rest assured this will never change.

Here's what some of our customers have said;

  • Best Mask On The Market, Comfortable Soft Fabric and Breathable too

  • SOOOOO Happy... I was finding my skin was reacting badly to paper masks, causing Acne & Rash. With the mi-facemask hygienic material I no longer have mask acne breakouts.

  • Outstanding Mask and Outstanding Customer Service

    I wouldn't leave the house without it.
  • Washed several times and still in perfect condition, really pleased with the mi-facemask.

*Logo Services and Own Branded Masks are charge extra, and Minimum Order Qty is 50 Face Masks.


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